A Church You Can Be Part Of From Anywhere In The World

Join a church that will help you encounter Jesus, find community, discover purpose and transform the world.

Every single person was created to live a fulfilling life, but it’s not always that simple.

Many people struggle because:

  • Life is complicated

  • They don't have a community to inspire them

  • They don’t know how to get more out of life

  • People have let them down

  • Their schedule feels busy & overwhelming

  • They’ve tried everything, but something still feels missing

You can help bring the hope of Jesus to the people around you.

How To Get Involved


1. RSVP For The Next Online Gathering

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2. Attend The Online Gathering

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3. Impact Others All Around The World

Healthy things grow. Start living a life of impact that will positively influence people all around the world.

Sunday (Online) Gathering Details

Date: This Sunday
Time: 11am CT
Location: LIVE on YouTube (link to join- www.elan.church/live)

Every single person was created to live a fulfilling life, but it’s not always that simple.

As pastors, our passion is to help you encounter Jesus and discover who God created you to be. We have seen God move powerfully in many people’s lives and believe He can in yours too. That’s the reason why we are starting Elan Church (a nondenominational church you can be part of from anywhere in the world).

Click the ‘RSVP FOR THIS SUNDAY’ button anywhere on this page to get all the details you need for this Sunday’s online team gathering.

We’d love to help you become part of a church community where you can be known, loved, and celebrated.

Max & Juliet Lyons - Lead Pastors (Elan Church)

Looking For A Church?

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